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Graphic features three cartoon figures writing on a giant to-do list labeled "Priorities" with giant books, electronics, and a coffee cup in the background.

How to prioritize and G.S.D.

Posted: Jun 17, 2021

Learning how to prioritize is essential, no matter what area of life we’re focusing on. Prioritization is a skill we need to cultivate for work, home life and even our social lives.

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Gold trophies and gold stars are in front of a light pink background. Blue text reads: How to win awards with P&G.
P&G has won a lot of awards over the years. I don’t say that to brag because it’s the truth, and we put time into making that a reality.
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A gold star sits in front of a rectangular pink background. A light pink ampersand is on the left. Above it, black text reads "ADDYs 2021."
The American Advertising Awards, or ADDY Awards,
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PRSA ECD Diamond 2020. Black texts is in front of a white background. The bottom half of the image is a light blue text. An ampersand is in the bottom left. Diamond images are in the top right.
We are celebrating the hard work of our team and clients this season by looking back at some awards we won during the haze that was 2020.
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Text reads MarCom 2020. There is a white and gold rectangular background. Two award figures, one gold, one silver, are on the right hand side.
It always feels like bragging to talk about our work. But here’s the thing – we need to just get over it.
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