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3 tips for staying creative with social media

May 17, 2017

With the ever-changing platforms, trends and constant competing for audiences, working in social media can be exciting―but it takes work to stay on top of your creative game. When you’re constantly drafting new content and campaigns, it can be challenging to do something new, and it’s easy to get comfortable and stuck in your routine.

I wanted to share a few tips on how to stay on top of trends and recharge your creativity when it comes to your social content.

Follow influencers and brands you admire

This might seem obvious, but one of my main sources of inspiration is from observing others who are killing it on social media. But it goes beyond just following those accounts ―make sure you’re saving those posts and campaigns that stick out so you can reference them later.

Both Facebook and Instagram now have easy save features that allow you to categorize posts and make it easier for future use. Not only will this help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, but you’ll soon have a well-rounded database as an inspiration resource when you’re stuck on a project.

Look to other industries for a new perspective

Remember to get out of your comfort zone with who you follow. Some of my favorite creative inspirations come from accounts and resources outside of the industries I typically work in. The great thing about social is all of the different components that go into it―from photography, video and copywriting to design, art and more, there’s plenty of sources and influencers to turn to when you need a creative boost.

Take a break

When I’m feeling really stuck, the best thing I can do to spark new ideas is to take a break. Go for a walk, meditate, talk with your colleagues, or clean your workspace―whatever type of brain break works best for you. When you come back to your work, your mind will be clear and ready to create.

How do you stay inspired and creative in your work? 

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