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Big work in a small community

Nov 7, 2016

At P&G, we #lovelansing, are Pure Michigan proud and know Midwest is best. Where – and how – we work gives us the unique opportunity to build connections and relationships that make our clients stronger, and it's why we've adopted Big work in a small community as our second #Truth.

I frequently call Lansing a “big small town.” It is highly unusual if I’m out to dinner or on the town that I don’t run into at least two people I know. In the Greater Lansing area, that connectivity is key to our successes. And it’s something we feel every day in our work at P&G.

As I creep up on 36 years of #lovelansing-dom, I feel as though I have some street cred on the matter. I’m a proud and vocal graduate of the Lansing School District, as are my parents and siblings. I’ve watched as our city has evolved, sometimes from the sidelines and sometimes in the thick of the change. In Lansing - my beloved hometown - I can make a difference.

It’s what excites me about Lansing. And it’s certainly what motivates me at P&G.

You see, it’s because of our size that we can make a difference. Those people I run into over a pint at the bar or while shaking my rear end at a festival? They’re a lot like me, in that they want good things for Lansing and prove it through their service, philanthropy or advocacy. We’ve banded together to work for better outcomes for our city, finding inspiration in one another’s commitment. 

The same is true at P&G. We’re able do big work in our small community because of the connections we’re able to make and relationships we’re grateful to build with and for our clients. Meaningful impact is accessible in Lansing because of its connectivity.

The ability to make an impact is what keeps me in Lansing and makes me proud of the work we do at P&G.

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