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13 organizations to financially support during Michigan Pride

Jun 13, 2019

During Pride, it’s common for straight, cisgender people to read really great articles about how to be an ally.

And one of the common themes of these articles is simple: Give. Money.

I recognize that’s not a reality for everyone, and the social justice warrior in me wants to get into the subtle nuances of that, but this isn’t the place for that conversation, so let me just say:

If you’ve got money, give it away.

Whether you regularly donate, are willing to give up a cup of coffee this week to reallocate those bucks elsewhere, can skip dinner out or get clever with fundraising on behalf of an organization, just find a way to give.

In the spirit of our #EmbraceNumbers theme, I’m embracing unlucky 13 today to make it easy for you to donate to support the LGBTQ community in #LoveLansing and in Michigan.

Here you go. Lucky links to 13 organizations who deserve your money during Michigan Pride:

  1. ACLU Michigan, https://www.aclumich.org/en/donate
  2. Affirmations: https://www.goaffirmations.org/donate
  3. Equality Michigan: https://equalitymi.org/donor-center
  4. Lansing Area AIDS Network: http://www.laanonline.org/
  5. Lansing Association for Human Rights: http://lahronline.org/main/index.php/donate/
  6. Lesbian Connection magazine: http://www.lconline.org/
  7. Michigan Pride: http://www.michiganpride.org/donate.html
  8. MSU LGBT Resource Center: https://lbgtrc.msu.edu/about-us/donate/
  9. PFLAG Greater Lansing: https://pflag.org/chapter/pflag-greater-lansing
  10. Salus Center: http://www.saluscenter.org/donate/
  11. Sistrum: https://www.sistrum.org/
  12. Tender Heart Gardens: http://bit.ly/tenderheartsupport
  13. The Ruth Ellis Center: http://www.ruthelliscenter.org/

If you can’t afford to give money, give time or amplify the organizations on social media.

But money talks, and right now money is talking. Please give $5, $50, $500 or $5,000. And then remind yourself to give again throughout the year because the fight doesn’t stop on June 30.

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Kate Snyder, APR

Kate Snyder, APR

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