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Color my life with the answer to chaos

Jul 13, 2017

When I decided to study public relations I knew that an agency would be the perfect and most rewarding place to start.  An agency is a great place to learn how to better communicate, manage time and balance work between clients. 

Working in an office with like-minded individuals who #LoveLansing and our clients, makes it hard to not wake up intrigued and excited for what each day will bring. 

Every day is different and I often find myself jumping into new client work and projects. The number of tasks and deadlines I work with motivated me to make order out of chaos, one of the P&G #Truths

When work is accumulating and time is slipping, the best way to stay organized, efficient and just determine what to do next is simple: calendar block.  

Calendar blocking is something that at first glance, can appear to be chaotic and overwhelming.  It is a tool that the team and I use daily to organize our time each week. We use Google Calendar to keep our tasks organized. This allows us to clearly see what needs to be done in however much time is blocked. By sharing my calendar with the team at P&G, I am able to see what everyone is working on and when. We all have our own color, hence the colorful overload of information. By sharing our calendars, it’s easy to schedule shared meetings and team building activities.  

Not only is calendar blocking helpful, it is a remedy. It paints a precise picture of what your day looks like, making my task list more realistic and attainable. I admit that without it, I would not be nearly as organized and efficient as I am now.   

So, folks, that is why I am spilling the simplest and most underrated secret in the business. Cross off your to-dos and watch the colorful content of your calendar become the past as you work.   

When the day is up in the air, calendar blocking is the answer. 

Claire McIntyre 

Student Strategist


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