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Stuck in the middle

Stuck in the middle: 3 tips for the mid level professional

Feb 16, 2017

When I first entered the public relations industry eight years ago, I was introduced to all sorts of resources like the Public Relations Society of America, new pros events and professional development opportunities. But now, as a mid level professional, I find it difficult to identify those opportunities that will continue to challenge me, but aren’t geared toward new or senior pros.

I’m stuck in the middle.

So here are three tips to help you break out of that mid level slump and embrace the experience you have while learning more on your way to the top.

1. Keep in touch with your mentor.

You know that person who helped you through that first job – listening to your complaints while pointing out ways you can make it better? Don’t lose that person! And if you never had one, now is the time to find a professional you look up to and respect who may have some words of wisdom to share.

Your mentor has experienced professional transitions as well and can offer advice on where to look for further guidance, professional development and other ways to get involved and stay on top of your game in this field.

2. Look for unconventional professional development opportunities.

It may not always make sense to attend the upcoming PR workshop or luncheon. Maybe it’s geared toward new or senior pros, and maybe it just doesn’t fit your interests. It’s ok to look outside the communications field.

What client interests you most? What part of your job do you enjoy and want to get better at? Look at those aspects of your job and identify opportunities in the community that will allow you to explore those areas and challenge yourself.

3. Pursue additional education, certifications or community involvement.

Yes, now that you’re finally comfortable with your workload, I’m challenging you to take on more. I know college and homework doesn’t seem like that long ago, but now may be a great time to go back to school or try for the Accreditation in Public Relations.

Taking a class or presenting a communications project you worked hard on, can provide the kick in the butt you need to get out of that slump. You could also find an organization you fully support and see if there’s a committee or volunteer opportunity for you to get involved with. Using your expertise in PR to help others is a great way to make an impact in your community.

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