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Working the day away: Greater Lansing’s top workaway spots

Jul 11, 2018

We LOVE working away from the office at Piper & Gold. It aids our creativity which helps us to deliver more impactful and innovative ideas for our clients and the community we serve.

In the month of June alone, I worked remotely for a solid chunk of each week. I’m not sure if it’s the summer heat that makes it hard to sit still in one place all day, but something in the air has our whole team working those brain cells out and about in mid-Michigan.  

The culture at P&G encourages us to work away regularly. If you’re getting restless at your desk, it is recommended to run out for a cup of joe and stay for a while. A change of scenery is important to avoid falling into a routine that may only supplement repetitive ideas.  

When powering through an abundant workload or facing the ever-so daunting writer’s block, finding a spot to effectively grind out the day can easily be akin to finding buried treasure.  

Since working away has been such a blessing for our productivity, I thought it was about time we gave our readers an in on our fave places. Many of us plan to work away for half days that often turn into full days. 

Our team is giddy to share our go-to spots to work in when a change of pace is needed.

Amanda is our calm, cool and collected student creative strategist and it shows in her favorite workaway spots. She favors the Mitten Raised bakery in East Lansing. Not only is it cute, it offers many different seating arrangements along with some delicious and colorfully decorated treats. "The atmosphere is relaxed and homey. I love that they bring in coffee from different roasters and the constant smell of donuts is great for productivity." 

Caleb, P&G's bold project strategist, finds that his most creative juices flow at the Broad Art Museum cafe. "As a writer and content creator, I thrive on working in unique environments that are bustling with people who appreciate art and creativity. The Broad is definitely that place for me. Not to mention its location on the beautiful campus of MSU." The architecture is inspiration enough to have an epic work day away from the office.


Our thoughtful associate strategist Cassie's top spot for working away this summer is her outdoor “home office.” As a pet owner and a nature lover, this one is self-explanatory. "Working from home allows me to adapt my “office” with whatever I need for that day. If I am working on a strategy plan, my porch is a perfect place for serenity and focus but if I need to crank through my to-do list, my kitchen table and a cup of coffee is the perfect environment." 

Claire B. -- not to be confused with me :-) and the newest member of our team -- favors the Chapelure coffee shop in Eastwood. Her killer writing skills often take flight in this space. Not only does it have plenty of seating, the set up inside is contemporary, calming and has ample room to dive into your workload. "I like the simple aesthetic and how it's decorated, along with the fact that there is lot of natural light. It seems less busy than other coffee shops in the area which makes it a good place to work in quiet!"  


Since my start in the capital region, I have tried out many local places to work away. It was not until recently that I found Batter Up Bistro on Michigan Avenue. It is a beautiful space (hello, exposed brick) and offers many different seating arrangements to accommodate your preferences. Outdoor seating is also available. 

Kate, P&G's leading lady (aka our principal strategist and owner), can often be found at the Sparrow Cafe. When asked why it’s her favorite, she shared, “It offers great perspective to be surrounded by the struggle, joy, sorrow and care present in a hospital.”    


While this is a compilation of greater Lansing's best spots, two members of our team are not based in Lansing and work remotely each day.   

Laura, our executive assistant, is based in Kansas. Her favorite place to work is at her home. "I find the things most helpful - a window, rotating plants based on seasons (pictured are African Violets, a Sun Drop, a bowl of airplants, and multiple Monstera Adansonii rootings), and a big glass of ice water or coffee. I also use a paper planner and notebook where I prioritize notes, keep track of projects and time, and make sure things don't get lost."  


Located in Brighton, Michigan, Lisa, our creative strategist also works remotely on a day-to-day basis. This is her home office. How does she stay productive at home? "When I'm really into an idea or project, I can close myself off and get it done with minimal distractions. I created an environment that feeds the creativity. The window gives me a lot of light and keeps me connected to the outside, which is a huge inspiration for me." 


Veronica, P&G's fabulous senior strategist, enjoys all of Lansing’s parks -- unsurprising -- as she is the Lansing Parks and Recreation board president. Lansing’s Crego Park is pictured here. When she’s not at the parks, you can find her amid the stacks of books at the Capital Area District Library.

I hope that our recommendations help inspire you to work away from your desk every once in a while and to get out and support the diverse local businesses in our community or wherever you call home. 


Claire McIntyre

Assistant Strategist

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