Visual Storytelling

For today's blog post, I am thrilled to <formally> introduce you to our newest team member and associate strategist, Cassie Cotton.

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Everyone wants to make a difference with their life. Whether we realize it or not, this is what drives us or causes us to lose motivation. And it is especially true in PR.

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Occasionally there are moments when you know you are a part of something significant and special.

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Design's value in PR

In the world of press releases, AP Style and communication plans, design is a different language and proving its worth can be a challenge. However, when properly utilized by a public relations agency, design has tremendous value.  


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Adobe Max 2017

As a creative graphic designer (or creative strategist) surrounded by Type A personalities, I need time to be around like-minded professionals – people I can learn and gain inspiration from.

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Oct 18, 2017


The past few weeks have been a little crazy here at Piper & Gold.

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It's never JUST a logo

Sep 27, 2017

Logo design

At P&G, we are continuously working to transform our community into a thriving, vibrant place to live. We love working with advocates who have a passion for growing and supporting a community that welcomes all people.

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3 skills a PR pro needs to be a #PRStar

It’s no secret public relations pros need to be great writers. But just because you’re a good writer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a PR star.

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Creative feedback

We’ve all been there. You spent hours and hours cultivating a great idea in your head, working through the execution of the idea and perfecting each last detail on the final product so it becomes what you originally envisioned.

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The arts matter

May 3, 2017

It’s no secret P&G is a major supporter of the arts.

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