Community Relations and Grassroots Advocacy

3 skills a PR pro needs to be a #PRStar

It’s no secret public relations pros need to be great writers. But just because you’re a good writer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a PR star.

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Are you in?

Apr 19, 2017

Lansing Promise

When the opportunity came to work with the Lansing Promise, we didn’t hide our squeals of delight for getting the chance to help demonstrate the impact of this powerhouse of a nonprofit.

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Nothing soothes me like digging in the dirt. I’m notorious for not wearing gloves when I garden because I like to feel the soil.

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student leaders learning

Last month, I had the privilege to serve on a panel for the Michigan Early Middle College Association Fall Student Leadership...

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This fall marked my 10th... yup, you read that right... 10th year as a professor of advertising, public relations and communications.

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Hands typing on a smart phone.

Social media. It's a constant topic in PR. Social media strategy. Visual storytelling. Customer service.

But lately we've been having a bit of a different social media conversation with our clients.

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Sometimes we need to take a step back from the go, go, go and find inspiration through reflection.

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Image of top hat and magic wand

A floating table. Snow falling indoors. A flying bunny. All those are impossible! Or so it may seem. In my world, these things happen all the time. Allow me to explain…I’m an illusionist (no really, I am).

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