PR tactics

sending email

Raise your virtual hand if you believe email is a scourge of society.

Perhaps that’s a bit extreme, but chances are you’ve at least cursed in the name of email on at least one occasion. Hey, this is a safe place. No judgment here.

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Image of top hat and magic wand

A floating table. Snow falling indoors. A flying bunny. All those are impossible! Or so it may seem. In my world, these things happen all the time. Allow me to explain…I’m an illusionist (no really, I am).

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Ask any <ahem> seasoned public relations professional the most valuable thing they look for in an employee, and writing will always come up somewhere in the top.

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“Just Google it” is a phrase used everywhere – at work, home and among friends. And let’s be honest, could I have graduated college without it? I have my doubts! Google is pretty darn amazing and makes our lives 10 times easier.

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When I decided to study public relations I knew that an agency would be the perfect and most rewarding place to start.  An agency is a great place to learn how to better communicate, manage time and balance work between clients. 

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Who let the dogs out?

Mar 6, 2017

P&G pups

Last month, we helped the Ingham County Treasurer report that Bella and Buddy are the reigning...

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P&G's Dirty Dozen

Dec 7, 2016

The Dirty Dozen

Who knew donuts could be a source of tactical inspiration? Outside of their delicious pastry goodness, here at P&G, the quintessential and often enjoyed dozen of donuts helped shape what we call The Dirty Dozen.

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